On Stage

If you want to perform on stage in one of IMPHuntsville's productions, please visit the auditions page to see what auditions are coming up.

If singing, dancing, and/or acting aren't your thing, and you'd like to lurk in the shadows backstage, you have the heart of a techie. Since IMPHuntsville is an all-volunteer group, we're always on the lookout for people who want to help out – for the incredible pay rate of $0 per hour!


It takes a small city of people to make a show successful. Audiences see 10% of the workforce when they sit down to see the show. The lifeblood of any show is the technicians and specialists behind the scenes supporting the amazing talent on stage. See below for the various areas that need help to produce a show, and click the "contact" link if you'd like to get involved. It's a good way to learn new skills and meet new people! Then you get to bring your friends to the show, and you can point to the stage and say "I did that!"

Costumes (contact)
It's amazing how much work goes into building costumes for the actors for each show. Things need to be made from scratch, altered, decorated, and hot glued. Most work is done at the IMPHuntsville Studio costume shop, but there are often tasks that can be done at home.

Sets (contact)
If carpentry or painting is your thing, then do we have a job for you! Some sets are simple (e.g., Nunsense), whereas others require months of design, planning, and construction (e.g., Mary Poppins). If you have stagecraft or carpentry or painting experience, so much the better, but we'll train you if you don't.

Props (contact)
"Props" are things that are used or carried by the actors that aren't costumes. Props work has two phases: In the first phase, you'll need to gather or build props that are required by the show. In the second phase, you'll be backstage during the show, handing out and collecting props from actors as they rush on and off the stage.

Publicity (contact)
What if we had a show and nobody came? Publicity is one of the most important facets of behind-the-scenes work on a show. If you're good at coaxing radio and TV stations to run IMPHuntsville ads, we need you!

House (contact)
IMPHuntsville is looking for a few good people to be House Managers and/or ushers. If you like telling people where to go, please volunteer as an usher. Since we do five or six performances of each show and we need anywhere from 4 to 12 ushers per performance, we'd like to see a lot of people wearing IMPHuntsville vests in the lobby.

Running Crew (contact)
Surprise! Shows don't run themselves. There's a whole herd of techies backstage, lurking in the dark. You could be one of them!

We need:

  • Stage Managers to keep the sets and actors moving on and off stage in a timely manner.
  • Stage Crew to actually move the sets on the stage (and the occasional lost actor).
  • Lighting Crew to hang and focus the lights to make the actors look good, as well as people to push the button during the show to make the lights go flash.
  • Sound Crew to make the singers and orchestra sound good.

If you're interested in helping with any of these jobs, please contact us via the links above or call 256-415-SHOW! We're always looking for a few good men -- and women!

Get Involved
Get Involved