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Upcoming Auditions

Auditions for Ragtime!

[Ragtime] Monday, February 27 at 6:00 pm
Callbacks on Saturday, March 4 at 10 am
Performance dates are June 16-24
IMP Studio, 520 Green Cove Road SE, Huntsville
Bring sheet music for your audition song. An accompanist will be provided. Movement and some dance will be required.

Character synopsis:

Coalhouse Walker, Jr (lead)
African-American male. 25-35 (baritone with strong top range; range: A♭ to G, with a sustained high F♯) intense dance; pianist; proud, confident, and stubborn.
Sarah (lead)
African-American female. Late teens-early 20's (lyric soprano; range: low G♯ to high F♯ on staff)
Mother (lead)
Anglo-American female. 30+ (lyric soprano; range: low G to high E♭ on staff) gentle, compassionate, optimistic
Father (lead)
Anglo-American male. 40+ (baritone; range: B to E on staff) cautious; resistant to change; somewhat bigoted
Mother's Younger Brother (lead)
Anglo-American male. 20-25+ (tenor/baritone with strong top range: B to high F♯ passionate anarchist; intense and high-strung
Tateh (lead)
Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant male. 30+, slight accent (tenor; range: D♭ to high F♯) intelligent, passionate, creative
Little Boy (supporting) Mother's son
Anglo-American male. 8-12 (juvenile voice; range: E to D♭ on staff) precocious and curious
Little Girl (supporting) Tateh's daughter
Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant female. 8-12 (juvenile voice; range: E to D♭: on the staff) quiet and shy.
Sarah's Friend (supporting)
African-American female. Late teens - 30. (Gospel lyric-soprano or alto range: low G to stratosphere scat top note)
Emma Goldman (cameo - historical)
Eastern European/Jewish Immigrant female/Anarchist. 40+, slight accent. (alto, range: low G♯ to D♭ on staff)
Harry Houdini (cameo - historical)
Hungarian Immigrant male/Magician/athletic build. 30+ (tenor; range: mid. C to high G)
Evelyn Nesbit (cameo - historical)
Anglo-American female. Vaudevillian performer. 18-25 (belter/soprano, range: middle C to D♭ on staff) dancer preferred.
Grandfather (cameo) (Mother's father)
Anglo-American male. 55+ (some "speak sung" lyrics, baritone) gruff and outspoken.
Booker T. Washington (cameo - historical)
African-American male, distinguished. 45+ (some "speak sung" lyrics, baritone)
Henry Ford (cameo - historical)
Anglo-American male. 30-45 (some "speak sung" lyrics, baritone)
J. P. Morgan (cameo - historical)
Anglo-American male; banking mogul. 45+ (some "speak sung" lyrics, baritone)
Little Coalhouse (cameo)
Walk-on at end of show. African-American male. Age 3-4 (no spoken lines or singing)
Additional Cameos
Admiral Peary, Stanford White, Harry K. Thaw, Willie Conklin, Judge, train conductor (double in ensembles)
New Rochelle Ensemble
Immigrant Ensemble
European immigrants
Harlem Ensemble